What is gamified education?

We want to find ways how education and important content can be put in designs that are easier to access and memorize by kids (and anyone interested). Instead of producing new and more content to the already dense scope of franchise, we want to address the fans of established concepts and collectively gather ideas how their most beloved series / reality / game / story could be used as a container for education and important news about the present. As all of these actions must be within the domain of fan-fiction and freely produced content, a regulation and quality control will be necessary. For this we will attempt to link this kind of gamification and its first outlines to communities of teachers and students of social- and community sciences. The idea stems from research in cognitive science and with our approach to gamified education we want to put knowledge about learning types and mnemonic techniques into colorful content and a rich fandom to serve as promoter and teacher about their fandom (given the case they can be found and motivated).

futurama.news is part of a large gamificiation system that wants to engage beings in collective work on a better future. Its development is not synchronized and for now futurama.news is the only official domain of the xd4 gamification system.

Best practices and quality control

Futurama.News is about making education into a fun and memorable activity. This requires a learning and learn-type as well as mnemonic-type checklist so that all content will be inclusive and pose hooks that make learning of content easier. For printing of physical copies for distribution (if the community should intend such) there woult be a need for professional assistance or printing costs. We want to point out that any such activities will be monitored by public and their planning as well as execution will be transparent. The original owner of this domain tries to operate and design it to any users expectations and integrate their concept and ideas how to make better use of this domain for education and peace.

Anyone posing to collect funds for this domain or project is to be understood and identified as a scam as you will find no community-made decision about economics nor are there any specific plans. The original owner is working in their free time on this domain and it would advance faster with teamwork, which is why they proposed this concept in a fan forum. The reception was lousy to say the least, primarily due to a bad choice of words for its introduction. We’ll work on better descriptions and make clear our position to concepts that were too dense and unspecific in the first proposal.


Episode one of futurama.news

Lets look at the episode Cold Warriors https://theinfosphere.org/Cold_Warriors

This episode would be perfectly suited to explain and communicate the covid19 situation, its complexity and the resulting behavioral constraints that follow for population. They are very difficult to visualize, understand and difficult to learn for children. I think if we use futurama picture / story telling to share information / education – kids could very much profit from the later ‘reward’ like view of the animated episode. As far we can predict, learning rates will be better as there will be a temporal conceptual integration of the nowly learned information – this means that static instances of a concept or situation will put into a temporal dynamic (the video). Associating the funny/new things of the episode with the previously learned education-based content will make the informational content appear more lively, and hence easier to connect to their own actions and thought.

Our approach is to first learn the backgrounds of a complex issue with frame-by-frame storytelling. Based on these stories, listeners will start to form events out of the context and possible form a kind of story in their mind already. Understanding aspects and details of complex relationships will become easier when the episodes are finally watched in a fashion of a reward for learning. The animation of the frames into a dynamic unfolding of events (with humor) can very much help to deepen/strenghten the memory about the more complex implications/perspectives which are difficult to explain by itself. The frame-by-frame story will grow together through the original animation and its dynamic and the perspective on the episode will contain substantial background info e.g. about hygiene, domestic violence, addiction etc.
This way the listeners/learners could visualize the complex implications easier as futurama would pose as a way to reduce complexity and the memorability of difficult content can be enhanced.

See our working page for episode 1

Other topics

With futurama we have content that will allow to teach about racism, neglectence, drugs, fake news, the influence of VR and addicition, the dangers of robotics, the changes of society towards automated industry and virtual economics.
Due to the establishment of futurama as franchise and concept in culture, it could be communicated quiete simple to development countries as well. For the deploy of printed versions and reliable access to content over internet further measures will become necessary. We are hence just at the stage to gather interested and motivated indviduals with a relation to futurama.

Covid19 pandemic ist just starting in many countries and they face even more severe concequences and problems due to weaker economies and lack of medical healthcare systems. We want to account for one very important aspect for healthy human life: Fun. We want to make intelligent fan-fiction that embeds and communicates knowledge – not instead of any other measures but in addition – by motivating those who have not yet found a way to put their interest and preferences into altruistic measures and activities – that serve both.

If one cannot send food or medication to those in need, lets try to send smiles and laughter. Gamification and fandoms can become an engine for education and global community formation. We want to reach out to all beings who yet don’t know how they can help or have time and energy left to engage in something. We want to motivate them to work together on ideas how to send and share happiness, infused with education – fanbase by fanbase – possibly with futurama as its pioneer.