Episode 1 of futurama.news will embed covid19 relevant info to episode 8 of season 6 – ‘Cold Warrior’

We refer to the Infosphere’s discussion and structuring about the episode.



Before we release any official episode, we want to discuss the problematic aspects of each episode and how misunderstanding can be avoided or risks minimized.

The episode cold warrior depicts fry being infected by a common cold to which the year 3000 medicine has no cure. The run for developing a vaccine on the one side and the difficulties managing the #stayhome scenario due to lockdown can serve as efficient setting to produce futurama gamified educational content about the current pandemic.

Examplary outline

Act I introducing infection, viral spread and the need of education and (fair) science

Act II with spreading infection going on, the importance of hygiene (hand washing, masks) and the need for #stay home and working together with acceptance of others difficulties with the situation

Act III depict the need for everyone to help/ work together due to facing global (city-wide) dangers

Act I: “What the hell’s a common cold?”

Fry catches the common cold during an ice fishing trip – depending on the community this could be used to explain why medical healthcare and prevention is important. The general workings of viral infections could be portraied

Act II: “Chicken. Water. Fire.”

The spreading of the virus will cause alarm to officials and spark discussion about the best way to proceed.

With bender leaving the planet express building without desinfecting himself, the depoly of the virus is accelerated, leaving the responsibles left with few options to act.

Act III: “Blow them to baco bits with a well placed warning shot!”

While the main content of this act should not be the threatening with extreme measures by officials, the invention and research for a vaccine should be put in focus. While in the original series, the situation returns to normal, for the education version this would lead to a summary of best practices.

Act IV [ending and summary]: In the human world

the lockdown will continue for quiete a while and we propose to build an alernative end

With depoly of the vaccine the situation returns to normal in the series. This part should be used to explain and outline that for human civilization the issue will remain difficult and a factor for several more months at least. With the lower developed countries facing viral spread and economic damage, their civilization must be prepared. For futurama.news our current proposal is this very mission, informing about the pandemic, its implications but also make use of its potential to foster and provoke cooperation and community.

Best practices: Aspects to be mentioned and explained more elaborate have to be based on reliable sources. For now we propose to use as guideline for story production the advice for public by the world health organization

WHO Public Advice https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public


Act I: For act1 it can be discussed whether to leave out the science contest altogether or use it to promote science and curiosity, possibly pointing out the issues that arise from presenting an idea in an economically hostile environment (Josh Gedgie stealing an idea, leaving Fry unable to receive credit for his idea and efforts) • the issue with the guineapig in the washing machine might enervate animal protection organizations and for ease of acceptance left out

Act II: One should avoid pointing to the rather extreme measure to fly a city into the Sun.

Act III: Grinding Fry into a paste could be difficult to defend towards WHO as educative content/rich. It should maybe be omitted for episode 1 except anyone can come up with an idea how to frame the scene in a different less endangering light