Hi, I’m the owner of this domain and I’d like it to be a place where human present and future meet with futurama fan-art and spinoffs.

External content

This domain links to other futurama (fan-) pages, e.g. the infosphere and fan-fiction communities. They are all inspirations to us and we are not intending to profit from their work or promote this domain through their work and passion. We are new [first public appearence/proposal in peelified forum 07-04-2020] and we are yet looking for the best purpose this domain can be used for – based on the intention to promote futurama and advance human education and community. We cannot take responsibility for external content and as our website allows user submitted data we rely on your help to identify incorrect or inappropriate content.

What we want

The general idea is to make stories and content about futurama which embeds contemporary relations/news/education. — hence we want to put back futurama on track of public awareness. We’re aware that such attempt should be in agreement with the present license holders but as the fan community can reach out globally much faster then any patent loyer could keep track of – we’re just at the beginning and if you read this you can be sure to be one of the first on earth to have a look at this domain and its content. We want free education for every child and we want futurama to play a role in this process – if possible and as far as the fandom sanctions this idea and whenever you’re interested in this idea.

We point out that we are not working for any profit, there is no bank account you can supply funding to and the only present impact of this domain is promotion for the official license holders, the futurama franchise and its fandom. IF there should be any interest by others for this concept and there can be a team we’ll officially propose our idea to the license holders and ask for their official positioning towards our idea (gamified educative content using futurama and/or your ideas).

Who we are

This project and idea and the operation of the domain is carried out by spacetimebird. We are not representing the official futurama franchise and we are not associated to their current owners http://www.cc.com/shows/futurama

Futurama.News has no other legal relevance as being a website operated by a private person in correspondance to their local legal system. They are not officially associated to any company nor any other organization or ideologic and motivational concept. They are not to be classified or confused as an actual news agency.

The owner and operator of this domain works as transparent as possible and the only way to interact economically with spacetimebird is given on their main page which is not mentioned here to prevent any impression of secondary promotion or financial interest. You can contact them via Dominic@spacetimebird.com if you are interested to build futurama education content, have ideas what this domain could be used for instead of its current design or if you have requests, feedback or questions of any kind.