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Futurama.News will be your source for gamified education

we are a fan-site for producing and discussing educative content based on the futurama franchise

This page and its operations are non-profit and not official representants of ©futurama

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Launch delay

Due to lack of time, the launch of will be on hold until there has been established a set of examples of our education concept. Before we can act or pose as a neutral intermediator between futurama fan sites this was identified as necessary to avoid misunderstanding. We’ll be happy to receive input in the meanwhile and stay ready for anyone interested in bringing this concept forward.

Live Reading cancelled

A live reading was attempted about the infameous blog entry ‘A reconsideration about the entire history of the futurama news empire till today’. The problems were pointed out why it is difficult to make a page look like a news page without falling under the legal classification as a news page [which has implications for hosting and registration etc.]. We want to work on contemporary and actual education and not on human news nor any support of their economic systems. As we act as official futurama news reporter, we will doom all such systems that drain beings of hope and options as past systems and we only defend and promote systems that pose alternatives.

‘Futurama Education’, as if that is a thing!

Gamified education appears to be a rather new concept and we want to make its idea more accessible and acceptable to the broad public.


We will be there.

GOING LIFE into Future in 2020

(First Meeting 8:8, 09/09/2020)

Because always.

Futurama.News spreads fake news about an upcoming event in 2020 called ‘the Future’

Newer News from the past

Our science officer for humans (which is currently a human) is working too much and had an outdated version of this homepage running until 6th of July. They are sorry, try to find a backup and keep updating this old version for now 🙂

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